The Tarot Priest Academy, is the first ever online Academy that offers education on Tarot Card interpretation and higher self communication.

As an integral school TPA is directed firstly to facilitate the process of personal self-awareness and secondly to equip others with spiritual knowledge, which includes non-conventional therapies, energy management, oracles and tarot cards. This is done to the extent that it is in the participant's interest to engage in therapeutic or consulting work. It is a harmonic formation that allows the student, no matter their current teachings, to bring freedom and fulfillment to others through truth, applying disciplines and knowledge rooted spiritual enlightenment and inspired Tarot Priest philosophy. Tarot Priest Academy is a rare experience that allows you to better use your intuition by connecting to the cards and nurturing your relationship with your physics abilities and spirit guides. This enlightened training allows deep comprehension of your soul, and insight into strengthening your communication with the Universe, your spirit guides and higher self.
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Why Should You Enroll In The Academy?

In this Academy, we cover everything from the very basics of what tarot cards to buy and how to understand them, to advanced higher self techniques, my full workflow and the steps I take to create abundance for myself.

  • Learn The Cards

    You will grasp a solid foundation of knowing the cards with confidence while gaining in-depth knowledge of the cards from various perspectives - Including Reversal.

  • Learn Your Abilities

    You will discover psychic abilities we all have access to, connect with source and gain a solid foundation of spiritual beliefs that will give you assurance and accuracy (Level 101 + 102).

  • Learn Tarot For Profit

    Learn how to use tarot to create a stream of income for yourself and become abundant. I will go into an in-depth video on how to make your invest in the course right back when open to offering readings for others. (Level 102)

  • Access To All Future Content

    You will have access to ongoing information, videos, downloads and content that is added throughout the year to your level of teaching.

  • Access To Exercises

    Unlock your access to on-the-go meditations, assignments, downloadable worksheets and extensive quizs designed to help you grow a deeper connection with the cards, higher self and Source.

  • Access To A Private Community

    Each level of TPA will be provided with a private community only your peers will have access to. This community as as a forum and chat group for further assitance and a community of like minded people.

Additional Perks

  • 14 Day Trial

    We have a 14 Day Trial rule; if you have completed less than 15% of the content and feel that the course is no longer for you please email us at support@tarotpriestacademy.com and we will negotiate a refund with your written statement to cancel

  • Student Discounts

    All students who've completed The Tarot Priest Academy will receive 25% OFF all readings.


    Monthly phone calls to instruct updates and information about learning tarot.

  • Assessments

    After learning the material, multiple assessments will be given with quizzes an assignments for the level 102 students giving them direct access to personal readings I've done previously.

  • Exclusive Personal Readings

    Students will receive around 3-5 general readings focused on their level of teaching, as a demonstration to the lessons, but in return will receive divine messages.

Would you like to preview the course beforehand?

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This material will be featured in different levels of the Academy

  • Feedback Friday

    Based On Submissions

    One Friday out of the month I will be pulling from a bank of video submissions and giving feedback on readings to help guide every level into better precision, execution and accuracy. Depending on which level you are enrolled, this feedback all within the same level will have access to, becoming a group discussion for all. (A thorough feedback of your first reading is included in The High Priest Package).

  • Behind The Scenes

    Priceless content

    Behind the scenes of my setup, shopping in the spiritual store, preparing for readings and a look into how I develop my Youtube channel.

  • Extensive One Hour Overview Of All My Decks

    Never Before Seen Exclusive Footage

    This bonus content includes an extensive overview of each deck I use, for which purpose and which are my favorite decks to use


Exercises, Assignments and tests added monthly to promote growth

  • On The Go Exercises

    5+ Guided Meditations

    These guided meditations were created to help you connect with your high self, The Universe, your cards, dreams and purpose. This exercise was designed to give you further access into your psychic abilities and bring awareness to the access you have with a deeper spiritual realm.

  • Practice Reading Others Exercise

    Practice reading real people

    Over the last year, I have accumulated over 10,000 people who are interested in free readings and till this day, it still begins to grow. People are open to free readings, and I will be assigning readings to the magician and high priest level to collect feedback and progress of the student after completion of the course.

  • Higher Self and Source Exercises

    White board, group discussions + More

    A bounty of discussions, white board sessions on fear and blockages you could be having when receiving messages from source, spirit guides or the cards. These exercises were created to challenge you to break free through your blockages while accessing the messages you need to further live a fulfilling life. (Please check with level that provides this)


Each level has its own features & benefits, for more information preview the curriculum for all

The High Priest Level


This is the most advanced version. Includes: *100+ Videos / 20+ Hours of Content *Access To ALL Future Content *Access to ALL My Secrets In Tarot *5 Guided Meditations On The Go *Extensive knowledge of the cards *Extensive cheat codes to Reading Tarot *Extensive Overview of ALL My Decks *Self Awareness Teaching *Spiritual Fundamentals *Spiritual Core Content Package *Private Community Group *Mentorship program (access to personal email) *Light Worker Purpose Fundamentals *Secret To Connecting With Source Fundamentals *Access to ALL Bonus Content / 10 + Exercises *Monthly Group Calls *Behind the Scenes Content *Downloads + worksheets *Assignments + Quizzes *Bonus: Video Feedback On Readings *Video Feedback on Your First Reading *Bonus: How To Create A Tarot Business *Bonus: How to Make Money With Tarot *Bonus: A look Into My Personal Readings *Bonus: 3 Personal readings for The High Priest *25% Student Discount

The Magician Level


*75+ Videos / 15+ Hours of Content *All Access To ALL Future Content *Access to ALL My Secrets In Tarot *Deep knowledge of the cards *3 Guided Meditations On The Go *Extensive Overview of ALL My Decks *Self Awareness Teaching *Spiritual Fundamentals *Spiritual Core Content Package *Light Worker Purpose Fundamentals *Secrets To Connecting With Source Fundamentals *Access to MOST Bonus Content / 10 + Exercises *Monthly Group Calls *Private Community Group *Behind the Scenes Content *Downloads + worksheets + *Assignments + Quizzes *Video Feedback on Your Final Reading *3 Personal Readings For The Magician *25% Student Discount

The Fool Level


*50+ Videos / 10+ Hours of Content *Access To Future Tarot Card Content *Core knowledge of The Cards *Cheatsheets When Reading Tarot *All My Beginner Advice *Simple Self Awareness Teaching *Basic Spiritual Fundamentals *Core Light Worker Purpose *Fundamentals *Connecting With Source Fundamentals *Hearing Your Intuition Exercises *10+ Quizzes To Stimulate Your Growth *Private Community Group *25% Student Discount

Which Level Is Best For You?

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Watch Intro Video
Watch Intro Video

Meet Your Instructor,

The Tarot Priest

The Tarot Priest believes that she is here to teach others how to use Tarot cards and enlighten themselves in order to fulfill your dreams and life purpose. This enlightenment of truth is believed to be a pathway to freedom and fulfillment. The Priest’s definition of fulfillment is through excitement, experience, exploration and evolution. All the aspects of one’s journey that she knows will help one reach and maintain a life of magic and euphoria. With only taking her 4 months to learn tarot, she started her Youtube reaching over 9,000,000 views and 200,000 subscribers onYoutube in just one - Year. She has also released a #1 Amazon New Release titled, "13 Slaves Of The New Era."


  • What happens after I enroll?

    You will receive access to the course immediately after enrolling! You can look around your dashboard and familiarize yourself with the layout of your course!

  • Will I have guidance throughout the course?

    Each level has its own community chat room, allowing you to not only receive feedback from myself but hundreds of others who are on the same journey as you. All students who've enrolled into the High Priest will have personal access to my private email for feedback and mentorship.

  • What is the greatest difference between The Magician / The High Priest?

    The High Priest Course is geared to those who need extensive mentorship and plan to produce abundance from Tarot. More Bonus, Behind The Scenes and an exclusive look at readings I've done.

  • What do I do if I want to upgrade my course?

    If you've found that you would like to upgrade your course, you can pay the difference between the 2 courses and once successfully processed, you will receive a link to your new purchased course.

  • When do I receive the paid in full version of my course?

    After you have purchased your course! You will get complete access to your entire course however there will be mandatory lessons that need to be completed during the course as a way to help guide you along!

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts September 28th , however you will receive seven videos and introduction to the course. After that, it never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • What should I do if I feel the course isn't for me?

    It's completely understandable that some would feel like the course isn't for them. If this is you, we do have a 14 Day Trial Period in place. This means that if you are LESS THAN 14 DAYS or LESS THAN 20% of the way through the course we can negotiate a refund.

  • Is it any different from what I would get on Youtube?

    Youtube is home to a lot of great content, but a lot the Youtube videos out there our only focused on the definition, or just the cards and not getting down to the extensive shadow work. This course flies higher with a deep perspective on how we receive messages and where they come from. Not to mention in-depth breakdowns and lectures that are built around sharing what I've learned from years of inner work.

  • What's the difference between Paid in Full vs. Payment Plans?

    There are 2 versions of the course! The Paid In Full version is a ONE TIME payment at the given price while the Payment Plan allows for payments over the span of either 2 or 3 months. You will also have access to your entire course if you pay in full! If you are on the payment plan, your lessons will be released on a weekly basis after enrollment.

Still Have Questions?


If you have questions or concerns about getting started, your enrollment  or what to do after completion